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Last Updated: March, 2023
Please note: we will be updating our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy soon.

This Privacy Statement (“Privacy Statement”) explains how Health Experiences, Inc, its affiliates and successors (“Syndio Health” “us,” “our,” and “we”) uses your information and applies to all who use our web site –, any mobile application, API, and similar or other tools as well as to any successor website, subdomain, subsite or mobile application (including, for example, any social networking sites or interactive features) (collectively, the “Site”) as well as any online services, other services or any of our described online activities we own or control (collectively, the “Services”). This Privacy Statement is incorporated in our Terms of Service, which also apply when you use our Site or Services.

By using the Site or Services, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Statement. If you do not agree with the practices described in this Privacy Statement, please do not provide us with your personal information or interact with the Site or Services.

We may modify this Privacy Statement at any time. If we make any material changes we will notify you by notice on the Site or by email (sent to the email address specified in your account) prior to the change becoming effective. You can determine when this Privacy Statement was last revised by referring to the date it was “Last Updated” above. You should check back to this page regularly for any changes in our Privacy Statement. Use of information we collect is subject to the Privacy Statement in effect at the time such information is collected. By continuing to use the Services, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Statement. If you do not agree to a change in our Privacy Policy, your sole recourse is to cease all use of the Site and Services.

This Privacy Statement is organized as follows:

Table of Contents

DefinitionsTypes of Information Syndio Health CollectsHow Syndio Health Uses Collected InformationClosing Your AccountOther Special CasesData SecurityRisks and BenefitsBe Careful How Your Share Your Own InformationPrivacy SettingsWhere Information Is MaintainedCalifornia Privacy RightsChildren's PrivacyContact Us


The following terms are used throughout this Privacy Statement and are defined as follows. Other terms will also be used that are defined throughout the Privacy Statement, and terms that are capitalized but not defined in this Privacy Statement are defined in the Terms of Service.

Shared Data

“Shared Data” is all information that Users provide about themselves when using the Site or in communications with Syndio Health and that is publicly available. This data may be shared publicly by Syndio Health via the Internet and internally with third parties with whom Syndio Health has an agreement (“Partners”), workforce members, and consultants.

Shared Data may be used in future monetization initiatives including, but not limited to, patient recruitment eligibility matching, patient engagement, data aggregation, machine learning, analytics, and advertising.

Private Data

“Private Data” is information that identifies you (“Personal Information”), is gathered by Syndio Health, and that is not publicly available via the Internet nor shared with our Partners. It is only accessible to those members of our team or consultancy groups that run operations of our company. Types of Private Data Users may submit on the Site include:

Private information that you share publicly (e.g., if you post a message that includes your name or birthdate) may become Shared Data and may no longer be considered Private Data. Syndio Health may de-identify Private Data, such that it no longer constitutes Personal Information, in which case such data shall be treated by Syndio Health as Shared Data. Examples of such de-identification include, but are not limited to, using age instead of birthdate, or using zip code instead of full address.

Types of Information Syndio Health Collects

We will collect data, including Private Data and non-Personal Information, when you interact with us and the Site, for example when you:
-access or use the Site;
-register, subscribe, or create an account with Syndio Health;
-open or respond to our emails;
-contact customer service or use other customer support tools;
-provide information to enroll or participate in programs provided on behalf of, or together with, business Partners;
-visit any page online that displays our ads or content;
-purchase products or services on or through the Site;
-connect or link to the Site via social networking sites;
-post comments to online communities; or
-provide information to our vendors.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to the collection of information not related to your interaction with us, through the Site or in using Services.

Personal Information

We may collect information you provide us if you register or request certain Services from us on the Site. If you wish to participate in certain portions of the Site, or are interested in learning more about Syndio Health and the Services, we may ask for your name, address, email address, telephone number or other information.

Usage Data and Cookies

We, and our contractors, may use web tracking technologies such as cookies (a small, removable data file that is stored by the web browser on your computer that identifies your computer and browser when you visit our Site or use our Services) and pixel tags to understand how Users use the Site and Services. We do not use such technologies to collect Personal Information but rather to improve the quality of the Site and Services. Such collected data (“Usage Data”) may include the URL of the websites you visited before and after you visited the Site, the type of browser you are using, your Internet Protocol (IP) address, your Internet Service Provider, what pages in the Site you visit and what links you click on, date and time of your visit and duration, and whether you open email communications we send to you. You may be able to modify your web browser settings to alter which web tracking technologies are permitted when you use the Site, but this may limit your use of the Site. The Site’s cookies do not access a User’s hard drive to collect any information stored on the hard drive.

Additionally, your browser may offer you a “Do Not Track” option, which allows you to signal to operators of websites and web applications and services (including behavioral advertising services) that you do not wish such operators to track certain of your online activities over time and across different websites. Our Services do not support Do Not Track requests at this time, which means that we collect information about your online activity while you are using our Site and Services. We do not collect online activity after you leave our Site.

Usage Data is typically only used by Syndio Health and our contractors, but it may be shared with our research Partners, as we do with Shared Data, to help them understand how Users use and benefit from the Site.

Activity Data

When you provide or we collect information, or carry information between users, we may process and store such data and other related information (“Activity Data”) in order to provide these Services to you. Some Activity Data may be retained or not completely deleted. Accordingly, we cannot and do not guarantee that the Activity Data will be completely deleted and therefore any Activity Data that you send or allow to be accessed is sent or provided at your own risk.

How Syndio Health Uses Collected Information

How Your Data is Used

Users should expect that every piece of information they submit (even if it is not currently displayed), except for Private Data that has not been shared publicly by a User, may be shared publicly and with our team, our contractors, and our Partners. Users are encouraged to share health information as they wish but should consider that the more information that is entered, the more likely it is that a User could be located or identified.

How Shared Data is Used

Shared Data is shared publicly via Syndio Health profile pages and through aggregated reports that are made available to other Users. In some instances, this Shared Data is also viewable to those not registered to join Syndio Health (“Visitors”). In addition to other uses, we report Shared Data in the aggregate. All User profiles are “Public,” and usernames and pictures, as well as any health experiences, reviews, questions, answers, comments, or feedback remain public and visible to anyone accessing the Site, including Visitors, and may be linked with aggregated reports. Users may choose to make other information non-public (e.g., name, birth date, gender, etc.). Private Data remains non-public as described above.

In addition to serving the individual needs of our Users, Syndio Health and its Partners are interested in better understanding the patient experience and improving treatment options and health outcomes for everyone. Syndio Health will provide Shared Data, in individual and aggregated format, to Partners for use in scientific research and market research. When selling this information, Syndio Health removes certain User data (the “Restricted Data”) to reduce the possibility of re-identification and, where possible, contractually forbids Partners from trying to re-identify Users.

Periodically, Syndio Health also may ask Users to complete surveys about their experiences (including questions about products and services). Survey responses are analyzed, combined with Users’ Shared Data and shared with and/or sold to Partners. User participation in these surveys is not required, and refusal to do so will not impact a User’s experience with Syndio Health.

Syndio Health also may report individual adverse event and drug safety information to regulatory agencies like the FDA, CDC, and/or other bodies (U.S. and international) as well as directly to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Unless required by law or legal process, Syndio Health does not provide Private Data to such regulatory bodies, although we reserve the right to contact Users for follow-up at the request of agencies or Partners. The Shared Data that Syndio Health reports may include free text or images on the forums or evaluations. In addition, certain areas within the Site are provided with the support of Partners. These Partners may have adverse event reporting requirements that relate to regulated products that are used by Users of our community, and Syndio Health may assist such Partners with reporting adverse events to regulatory agencies.

Finally, Syndio Health may use Shared Data internally or send Shared Data to contracted Partners who assist with operating our services or performing research. This data is used to provide or improve the services offered or to support other uses of the data as permitted by this Privacy Statement.

Syndio Health, like most Internet communities, is a public forum, and Users acknowledge and accept that any information shared through free text or images might be connected to Users’ Shared Data (which may be shared with, sold to, or displayed for others). For example, if a User puts his or her name (or other Personal Information) into a free text field like the biography, forum, journals or annotations, the User should know this information may be included in what is shared with, displayed for, or sold to Partners and will not be considered Private Data.

How Private Data is Used

A User’s Private Data is never shared publicly.

We will never sell, provide, or use your Restricted Data for non-Syndio Health advertising purposes.

Syndio Health uses Private Data internally, as needed, for research, for maintenance and operation of the Site, and to create tools and an improved experience for Users. We take steps to protect this data and limit access to only those who need it for their jobs.

If we have a User’s permission, his, her, or their email address will be used to send him, her, or them a variety of notifications, including study invitations, newsletters and private message notifications. A User may change this setting at signup, or on his or her profile. However, all Users receive administrative emails, and you cannot opt out of administrative emails while you remain registered with the Site.

Additionally, Private Data is not shared with or sold to Partners unless explicit consent is given.
-Specific instances where consent may be requested include:
-Special research projects and studies
-Co-registration with a non-profit organization
-Media interviews of a User.

Syndio Health will share Private Data, in some instances, with vendor Partners for the purpose of operating or improving our services. Before sharing Private Data with a vendor, Syndio Health will investigate potential vendors to ensure that their security and privacy practices are up to Syndio Health standards. Specific examples where Private Data may be shared with Partners include:
-If a User makes a request, Syndio Health may use Private Data, including sharing the User’s Private Data with software/service Partners, for the purpose of fulfilling the request.
-We may use your private information to exclude you from certain Syndio Health advertisements or to present certain participation opportunities to you via social media advertising.

How do We Use Usage Data?

We use Usage Data for several purposes:

Authentication: We use Usage Data stored in cookies on your computer to indicate that you have logged into your Syndio Health account and to enable you to use certain portions of the Site.

Understanding Our Users: We use Usage Data to analyze trends, track Users’ movements around the Site, and gather demographic information about our User base as a whole. This provides us with the ability to determine aggregate information about our Users and usage patterns. Understanding how people use our Site allows us to make the Site better for everybody. We also may use this information, possibly in coordination with one of our research Partners, to do relevant research on User behavior or medical outcomes. We do not sell or provide this Usage Data to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes, but we sometimes provide aggregated Usage Data to our Partners of all individuals referred by them to our site. We will only provide personally identifying or identifiable Usage Data to Partners with your express consent.

Administering the Site: We use Usage Data to help administer the Site and Users’ use of the Site. We may, in some circumstances, need to review this Usage Data in combination with specific Restricted Data to identify and resolve issues for individual users.

Advertising: We may use cookies or other Usage Data to tailor advertisements about joining Syndio Health, to promote certain participation opportunities to you, or to exclude you from advertising that is not relevant to you, including when you are visiting other sites or platforms.

Closing Your Account

Users are free to stop using the Site and Services at any time. If a User chooses to deactivate his or her account, Syndio Health will not display and will cease selling any data in that account within a reasonable time after the date of deactivation. However, the User’s data will remain in the system for auditing purposes, and research conducted, or in progress, prior to the deactivation of a User’s account will still include the User’s data. In addition, public reviews, questions, responses and other information that you submit will remain public following deactivation of your account.

Other Special Cases

There are instances, not covered above, where Shared Data, Private Data, and Usage Data may be used and disclosed including, but not limited to, the following:
-Syndio Health may use a User’s data in the case of an emergency or other circumstances that we determine require a member of the management team to directly contact the User. For example, concerns regarding a User’s health or wellbeing or a data breach that put the User at risk.
-Syndio Health may share or disclose a User’s data where required by law or to comply with legal process, to resolve disputes, to enforce our agreements (including this Privacy Statement and the Terms of Use) with you or Partners, or if, in our reasonable discretion, use is necessary to protect our legal rights or to protect third parties.
-Syndio Health may transfer the Shared Data, Private Data, and Usage Data, including Personal Information, to any successor as a result of any merger, acquisition, sale of all or any portion of its assets, bankruptcy proceeding, assignment, or similar transaction or event, with such successor bound by the terms of this Privacy Statement with respect to its use and disclosure of such information.

Data Security

Syndio Health takes data security very seriously and takes standard commercial technical precautions to help keep User data secure consistent with applicable U.S. state and federal laws. We take these precautions in an effort to protect your information against security breaches and loss. Syndio Health, however, does not guarantee that such information will not be accessed, disclosed, used, altered, or destroyed by breach (e.g., by breach of its firewalls and secure server software, theft, misappropriation by members of our workforce or Partners, error, or otherwise). By using our Site, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to assume these risks.

We cannot guarantee the identity of any other Users with whom you interact in the course of using the Site or who may have access to your Shared Data. Further, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of any data that other Users may provide about themselves.

Risks and Benefits

While our mission is to "build technology that empowers the individual, unifies underserved communities, and transforms healthcare for all", the Site is still intended solely for informational and sharing purposes.

Among the known risks to sharing information on the Site are that it is possible a User could be identified using information shared on Syndio Health—whether solely from our Site or in conjunction with other data sources. A User could be subject to discrimination or experience unintended circumstance as a result of information shared and discovered by employers, future employers, insurance companies, family members, friends, or other potential parties able to discriminate based on health information.

Users should understand that anyone can register at Syndio Health and view the Shared Data in the system. If you are reading this Privacy Statement because you have access to the Personal Information of a Site participant, we urge you to recognize and fulfill your responsibility to protect the privacy of that person.

Be Careful How You Share Your Own Information

Certain profile information and Shared Data, including your name, location, and any video or image content that you have uploaded to the Site, may be displayed to other Users to facilitate user interaction within the Site. Please remember that any content you upload to the Site, along with any Personal Information or content that you voluntarily disclose online or through the Site in a manner other Users can view, becomes publicly available to these other Users and can be collected and used by these other Users, and transferred or made public, without our consent. You agree that any use or disclosure of your Personal Information or any other content by another User is not a use or disclosure by us. Your user name also may be displayed to other Users if and when you send messages or comments or upload images or videos through the Site, and other Users can contact you through messages and comments.

Privacy Settings

If you wish to keep information private, please do not include it in any Shared Data. Only Private Data is kept private. Syndio Health Users may have additional control over what information in their profiles is displayed publicly or kept private. Data provided in public forums will not be considered private for any purpose.

Public profiles may be indexed or stored by Internet search engines (e.g. Google) or other independent sites, which means a User’s Shared Data, including any Personal Information shared, may come up in the search results by anyone on the Internet, even after switching privacy levels. Users may change their privacy settings at any time, but information that has previously been public may be subject to further use and disclosure beyond Syndio Health’s control or as otherwise permitted under this Privacy Statement.

Where Information Is Maintained

Please be aware that your Personal Information and Activity Data may be transferred to, and maintained on, servers or databases located outside your state, province, or country. You are advised that the United States uses a sectoral model of privacy protection that relies on a mix of legislation, governmental regulation, and self-regulation. If you are a European Union resident, you are further advised that the Council of the European Union has found that this model does not provide “adequate” privacy protections as contemplated by European Union law. By using the Services, you agree that the collection, use, transfer, and disclosure of your Personal Information and communications will be governed by the applicable laws in the United States.

California Privacy Rights

California Civil Code Section § 1798.83 permits Users of our Site that are California residents to request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, contact us at the email address or physical address at the bottom of this Privacy Statement.

Children’s Privacy

Syndio Health does not intend that any portion of the Site will be accessed or used by children under the age of 13 (thirteen), and such use is prohibited. The Site is designed and intended for adults. By using the Site or any Services, you represent that you are at least 13 (thirteen) years old and understand that you must be at least 13 (thirteen) years old in order to create an account and purchase the goods or services advertised through the Site. We will promptly delete information associated with any account we obtain actual knowledge is associated with a registered User who is not at least 13 (thirteen) years old.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our privacy practices or this Privacy Statement. You can reach us by email at You can reach us via postal mail at the following address:

Syndio Health
Attention: Privacy Concern
515 Pinchon Place
Alpharetta, GA 30022